Comic Book Emporium

About the Comic Book Emporium

This section is a place to reminisce about the Comic Book Emporium.  My Dad and I owned and operated this store from 1989-1997 on Nicholson Drive near LSU.  This was before the day of smart phones, so we don’t have many pictures.  Anyone with any recollections or memories of the store (or photos taken at the store) are welcome to contact me using email above.  I would  like to share them here.

Bill Smith Sr. at the store

Valiant Comics were a hot seller at this time.

I can hear him now: “The more you buy, the more you save!”   Lots of customers just called him Dad.  This picture reminds me of our  simple approach To marketing: making hand-made signs with markers and backing boards!  

Bill Smith Jr. article in Baton Rouge Sunday Advocate

Bill Smith Jr. in feature article about Comic Book collecting 1995

Here is a copy of an article that was in the Baton Rouge Sunday Advocate on 4/30/1995.

 I thought “Myth Making” was a cool title. Holding up a copy of a Donald Duck and Uncle Scrooge hardcover reprint.  I still have these books in my collection.